note about Facebook and the market-at-large

If you are a company and your company is on Facebook and you don't let people send you messages –let alone write on your wall– then you are a coward and don't deserve to participate in the market. Period. Because for the market to work in a way that everyone achieves fulfillment, each leader must lead at least as strongly as someone who puts a face to it, someone who is willing to double-team information (you know what I mean by double-team. read: not porny).

Capitalism works better when the market can respond in not merely singluar but also via binary and quadindary* and dodechahedronary (hi Brandon🙂 channels, etc. Facebook is the same way; the only way to really work to maximumly satiate the world it is to push it to its limits. It's certainly the new SEO.

(These many-within-one channel bundle might also have something to do with why so many people die from addiction to World of Warcraft, but that's for another time, because Biggest Loser has been DVRing for the past hour and I can probably fast forward through all the ads and the boring drama stuff and get to how the person who gets kicked out looks today.)

* Funny, spell check wants to change this to quandry

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