This is not the writing I should be doing right now

What I *should* be writing are the edits on a document that I’ve already edited once, and then they sent it to someone else who added a ton of new info. But the document is only in PDF format, and if you’ve ever Post-It-Note edited a PDF doc, you know that by the end, it looks like the dog’s breakfast. (funny, I’m typing “dog’s breakfast” and our 18-pound cat comes in right then to rub against my ankles… someone thinks a small mammal is being fed and IT’S NOT HER.)

So, what I’ll do is create an MS-word doc with a map to where all the additions go.

Speaking of writing, this weekend Monstro (my husband, for those of you new to this ballgame) mapped out the entire plot of his new novel, which has the BEST title in the whole world, and I’m not going to spoil it here.

Also: Walking Dead was grue-some last night. I say last night because we do not have cable (bye, $100/month bill!) so we’ve bought the season pass on vudu, which is great because it’s commercial free but it’s also delayed gratification because we don’t get to watch it until Monday.

Also: Someone needs to invent an on-the-fly spellchecker that does NOT undo the hyphens or creative spelling that this MFA does because she already knows *all* the rules and therefore is allowed to break them as necessary.

Time to go work. xoxoxo

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