Recently, I’ve been re-acquainting myself with a lot of people and things. Like work for which I’ve studied (MFA @ SJSU) and been trained to do. It’s been great getting back to my writing/editing professional projects after a two-year hiatus to take care of MFM in the midst of her Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

(What a joy to be able to leave the house! They don’t tell you that when you care for a shut-in, you become a shut-in yourself.)

I’m not leaving the house much anyway, having been chained to my computer for most of the month, but that’s fine. The fact is, I *could* leave the house if I want, even just to run down the street or buy a gallon of milk. There is a freedom in that the likes of which a 40-year-old shouldn’t have to know about.

In hopes of landing new clients and letting old work friends know I’m back on the marketing/PR bandwagon, I’ve spent quite a lot of my spare time on LinkedIn, or, as I like to call it, Facebook for grown-ups who have jobs. LI has a new (?) feature where you can do one-click endorsements. I’ve been taking advantage of that, endorsing folks. I’ve also written a number of recommendations. Many gracious people have responded in kind. It’s wonderful, the kindness of people you haven’t seen in 15 years. One of my buddies from Aimnet wrote:

“Smart, innovative, solution provider. Lynn has a passion for writing,
with the ability to focus on what’s important. Winner.”

So awesome.

Another friend — one I lost touch with for a while, but who was nothing but magnanimous to me, particularly when I lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains and my well would break so he’d let me take a shower at his apartment — not only wrote me a recommendation, but also sent me an email letting me know that he’s kept his nametag from my 25th birthday party in his desk all these years.

He even sent me photographic proof.

Such a compliment. It’s amazing to know that even the silly things I’ve done through the years have resonated with… anyone.

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