Quick book recommendation

This really was a “quick” book for me, as it was under the 800-page minimum I seem to have set for myself this year (1Q84, 11/22/1964). Anyway, my friend Robin recommended that I read the new Louise Erdrich novel, “The Round House.” I got it from the library — it had a “Nov. sizzlers” sticker on it, and there was another copy so I suggested it to another woman lurking around the new-releases — and for the first 40 pages I wasn’t convinced, but once it got over the “we’re Indians!” references every paragraph the story sucked me in and wouldn’t let go, like a faulty swimming-pool drain. A terrific page-turner and educational, too. Also, the best ending I’ve read in a long, long, long time. LBJ says, “check it out!”

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