Birthday weekend!

I am another year older but feel pretty good about it. The hot mess of the year I’ve had would send pretty much anyone else in this world to Psychotic Break City, and yet I’ve survived in the face of massive trauma. Yay, me.

Yesterday I did a little Black Friday shopping. Most people line up outside of Best Buy; me, I was second in the door at Omaha Steaks. Got a bunch of good frozen food and a $7 pack of steak knives, too. I’d hoped to win free Omaha Steaks for the year, but instead my prize was a free box of Caramel Apple Tartlets — not too shabby, considering I already had those in my cart. 🙂

Goal for this year: more employment. Less crabbing at my kids. Get BK into kindergarten and revel in the quietude. You know, the little things.

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