Kids are sick

Both boys are coughing; Lex enough that he’ll probably have to stay home tomorrow, after five days of being home on vacation. BK is coughing a little bit but that might just be because he wants to do everything his brother does. HE will go to school.

My clothes washer is also sick. It won’t drain, spin, or agitate. Too bad because right now it’s full of water and clothes. I asked Mr. Google and he pointed me toward, with is chock-full of diagnostics and links to how-to-fix videos. Based on what it says, I think what I need is a new lid switch. I can figure out tomorrow if that’s the problem by taking it apart and using a little piece of insulated wire as a bypass. (Wow, look at me, talking as though I have any idea of what I’m doing.)

We do have a home-warranty plan but there’s a $100 deductible, which I’d rather avoid paying. Particularly as in the last couple of weeks I’ve paid $100 for a clothes-dryer repair, $125 for an extra key for my van, $135 for a parking and speeding ticket (whoops), and $50 for a USB-network connector for Monstro’s computer. Plus way too much money for Thanksgiving food, which should at least mean I don’t have to go food shopping this week, except for milk, OJ, and children’s Ibuprofen.

Fingers crossed that I meet my new-client goal (as in getting new clients) this month. Especially if stuff keeps crapping out around me.


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