So, let me get this straight, Medicaid

You require that MFM have all her money spent before we apply for her to receive Medicaid. I not only did that, but did it with my pastor by my side to ensure that I hadn’t forgotten anything and that everything was on the up-and-up (he’d signed his mother up for Medicaid many years prior and was familiar with the process). Then, you deny her claim in December after not asking for any documents. Then, you ask for five-years’ worth of bank statements to show where her money went. This has to be supplied to you within a week. I did that. Then, you take two months reviewing the documents and responding with questions and requests for third-party proof of where her money went. You give me two days to supply this. I do so. The skilled-nursing facility where MFM calls you and emails you asking when you’d like to do a follow-up conference call with you, the facility, and me, so that I can clear up any remaining questions you might possibly have. You never respond to the facility. This morning, you send the facility an email that MFM’s Medicaid claim has been denied. You do not supply any information about why her claim was denied. You do not supply any information about how we can appeal the process.

Medicaid, you’d best get back to us with answers pronto or I’m going to sic my congresswoman on you. Don’t think I won’t.

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  1. I would say, unbelievable, however, it was practically 8-10 hours a week for my mom to deal with all the Medicaid/Medicare/private insurance and stuff for my grandmother, and my mom spent 20 years working for Blue Cross! Good luck with the whole thing and just stay persistent. A big part of the technique is wearing the applicant down.

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