Love you, Grandma

Today is the day that my grandma died, 16 years ago. It is totally like her to have died on Leap Year’s Day, so we’d only be sad about it every four years. Miss you, Grandma. Wish you could’ve met my amazing husband and wonderful children. xo.

p.s. they all love your pancake recipe. attached here to ensure her enduring legacy.

p.s.s. Start w. 1/2 C milk, add more after adding dry ingredients if you need to. ~3 TB butter. Cook at med-high, lower if too hot (I tend to lower the stove heat with each batch so they don’t over-brown). These are delicious for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, work great with some blueberries thrown in (I add them once I’ve put the batter in the pan), and the raw batter is a singular pleasure if you don’t mind the risk of salmonella.