Good week for the e-word

Two sentences this week have made me laugh out loud.

First, from the Northampton Gazette: From a bear fatally mauling a dog off Route 66 to numerous reports of bears foraging in garbage cans in an Elm Street neighborhood and an incident in which a motorcyclist hit a dog that was chasing a bear on Spring Street, indications are clear: bear season is upon us.

A motorcycle hitting a dog that was chasing a bear. All I want to know is, what sort of dog chases a bear? I mean, our kitten might, but even sans manhood he has more courage than brains.

Great e-sentence, part two, from the Mercury News’s review of the new schlocky romance, “The Notebook”: After you’ve gotten horizontal under a green light, there’s no place left to go but making out.

…Just make sure that light hasn’t changed to red before you go.

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