Oh… My… Gosh…

Remember how I posted a few posts ago how Rhythmball was featured on “The Amazing Race” and “I could not be more excited”? Yeah, well, last week I sent out 35 press releases, followed by 35 Rhythmball informational DVDs on Saturday, and had just been sitting back waiting when I got an e-mail yesterday from one of my targeted recipients. A recipient who writes for one of the most widely distributed print-media outlets in the whole nation. He watched the DVD and is “enthralled.” His word, not mine. So if y'all could please cross your fingers that he writes about us, I would appreciate it. And in return, I will invite every one of you to my Retiring-at-35 party. OK? OK.

The Clap

Baby has learned how to clap, and has turned it into a fun communication game. He starts to clap, see, and then Monstro and I clap with him and say “yay!” until he stops clapping, and then we stop clapping. And then he starts again, and we resume the game. It's really fun.

And he's also been shrieking, which is not such fun, but I'm trying to look on the bright side.

So tonight, he cried and hollered and cried when we put him to bed. Monstro decided we should try to feed him, and he sucked down a pint of formula and then he was pretty happy. I put baby into pajamas, and, with the help of blankie and the red paper lanterns and Rascal the lamb, into bed.

He made intermittent happy-baby noises for about 20 minutes, and then I went into his nursery to turn off the lanterns. His feet were at the head of the crib and his head was in the middle. Hearing me enter, he turned his head sideways, gave me a slow, sleepy smile, and clapped.

Good Baby!

So I was just despairing that I have a pretty cool post on my other blog and nothing for this one. And then Monstro was talking to me and I was kind of ignoring him, watching the baby instead, when the baby stood unassisted for FOUR SECONDS! And then he grabbed on to the side of his baby pen and was very, very happy, and I told Monstro, “Baby just stood by himself for FOUR SECONDS!” and we both raced over and lifted the baby high over our heads in celebration. And I think that's good enough for today.

Lynn's New Play

I have just finished writing a new play, ripped from the headlines… a two-person one-act that illustrates how people can overcome even the most overwhelming challenges, how people persevere through the hell that other people put them through, about triumphantly surviving the most daunting odds. It is called “Lindsay Lohan's Birkin” and is available for production.

E-mail me for a copy or rights negotiation.