Baby says “wow,” like, all the time. He must've picked it up from me. He would have gotten an earful today if he hadn't been down for his nap when I was looking at the liquidation clothing and saw a pair of jeans for $69.99.

“Seventy bucks for a pair of jeans,” I hear you thinking. “What's so wow about that?”

Well, dear reader, these jeans, these seventy-dollar jeans, were marked down by 96%. Their actual retail price was… one thousand, seven hundred and eighty five dollars.

Wow. Just wow.

6 thoughts on “wow

  1. $1785 jeans????!!!!!
    We have a store near us called Steve & Barry's. Nice, new, well made jeans… about $12/pair. It's THE best place for clothes!

  2. Sarah Jessica Parker has a new line of clothes at Steve & Barry's — I keep meaning to go by (buy) there. Monstro has some terrific oxford shirts from that store. Good stuff!

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