music suggestions

The last time I was in labor, I played only one CD: Haiku by Dionysis, a French alternative band. I'd like to spare Monstro that trauma this time (he's not as into French alternative rock as you might think). So, how about some suggestions for a labor-room hospital mix?

In other news, I'm at 36.5 weeks and people keep telling me that this is when *they* had *their* babies. Grrreat.

Saturday, in the park

Mom and Lex and I went to the big park on Saturday and when I was pushing the boy on the swings, a woman about my age and her daughter about Lex's age took the other swing. We ascertained that we both had 2.5-year-old kids, and then she looked at me quizzically.

“Do I know you from the baby massage class?”

“No,” I said. “I didn't take that one. But we took the getting-ready-for-birth class, and I went to the Mommy and Me group at the hospital a few times.”

“I went to that, too,” she said. “But just a few times.”

“Yeah. The last time I went, everyone was bagging on TV and I couldn't take it, so I stood up in support of it.”

“THAT'S IT!” she cried. “That's where I saw you. Oh, God, I was so glad you said that back then.”

“I'm not one to keep my mouth shut,” I understated. “I remember, I blogged about it when I got home, about the grandma who was there who was so proud of her grandkids because they didn't watch TV but did play hours-long imaginative games with sticks. And at that point, I realized that apparently, nobody cool gave birth when I gave birth. They were all way too sanctimonious for me. Present company excluded, of course.”

She nodded. “I had the same experience. My daughter was premature, and every time I went, people said,”Oooh, she's so tiny! I got tired of it.”

“Frankly, I'm impressed you remember me,” I said.

“I always remember faces. It's kind of a curse.”

“Going through life wondering, 'where do I know that person from?'” I asked.

“Exactly,” she said.

Lex was tired of the swings at that point (or, more factually, I was tired of pushing him), so I took him down and went back to the bench where Mom sat. She had a bemused expression on her face.

“Did you hear that?” I asked.

“Most of it. It appears your reputation precedes you.”

“It usually does, Mom. It usually does.” And I picked up my ukulele and strummed out the IZ version of “Over the Rainbow.”

welcome to the blogroll…

I went to Maryamie's blog today and noticed she has put me in her blogroll, and that my own blogroll was Maryamieless. In the only words of Jar-Jar Brinks worth quoting, “How rude!” I have since rectified the error. She's a funny mom with good stuff to say, and her husband is Robert Scoble, technology terror of the San Jose State University Spartan Daily newsroom, from whom I took the mantle of Production and Design Editor (and was a bit of a terror in my own right).

Welcome, Maryamie! I'm sure my link to you won't help your Google PR as much as your link helped mine, but I'm sure my loyal gluttons for punishment readers will enjoy your musings as much as I do.

speaking of new babies…

Prayers, please, for Dean and Emily, who will be welcoming their first child today! Dean has been a best friend since high school — pretty much one of two (ok, three) friends I've retained from that era.

Dean was looking for “strong, masculine” names for his new son. Our mutual best friend suggested “Testosterone.” Dean-o wasn't crazy about that suggestion. Then I jumped on the bandwagon with a name I saw on the Sprout channel this past Father's day, but Dean didn't like my idea, either. I don't know why… I think “Arsenal Testosterone LastName” would look *awesome* on a birth announcement. Some people have no taste. I mean, really.

savin' moolah

I *love* to save money. Usually by getting a great deal on something I was going to buy anyway. Like the $120 worth of bras I bought today for twenty-two bucks.

Another case in point: Monstro needs a laptop that will run XP and Word, so he can write his dissertation somewhere other than a house with a screaming baby (no, I'm not talking about myself). I was looking at at $500 laptops when I decided to cruise over to Craigslist for our region. Viola — an Acer Aspire 3610 laptop, complete with 1.50 MHZ processor, 1GB of memory, A 60 GB hard drive, 128 RAM of video memory, and a DVD/CD-RW drive is for sale in the next town over from ours for three hundred bucks.

Monstro called about it and it's still available, so he's on his way to the bank right now.

Gee, with all the money I've saved us today (I count it at three hundred smackaroos), maybe I'll see about that new Mac Mini that's so very cute. Hey, a girl needs her new toys, too!

so anyway…

Lex's buddy and my mother's helper was over today so I got to go shopping. By myself. For clothes and food and home accessories. The first two were for our place, the last for my mom.

I started at Marshall's, where I bought two new bras, size ginormous (because my merely enormous ones no longer fit, and are giving me ugly red welts along my ribcage), for $10 and $12 respectively. Pretty much the deal of the century, as 1) they were Walcoal and 2) the original price of each was *sixty bucks*. So the girls will be transported in great lacy style for the next seven weeks (or so).

Also hit Linens'n'Things for my mom's place. Bought her some soft throw pillows (the ones that came with the rented furniture are scratchy and not conducive to napping), cute curtains for the kitchen, room-darkening curtains for the bedroom, a TP stand and a towel holder. Oh, and a chrome over-the-door hook thingy.

Old Navy was kind of a bust — they had about three summer items left so I bought two of them. The other one was ugly so I left it alone in its cavernous space. It's 92 degrees today and you know they're going to be unpacking their autumn/winter styles this afternoon. Retail makes no sense to me.

Finally, I went to Trader Joe's. Kinda stupid to have a Trader Joe's that doesn't sell Two-Buck Chuck (that's a cheap but reasonably palatable wine, for those of you who don't know), but I'm not drinking much swill these days so I guess the point is moot. Did buy an enormous tub 'o coffee beans for eight bucks, and more food for our freezer, and snacks for Monstro whilst I'm in labor. Then I asked the cashier if I could have a red balloon to give to my at-home two-year-old, and she said I could have it even if I didn't have an at-home two-year-old. Very sweet.

In other news, bending down to pick things up off the floor is a Herculean task, and I'd take a bath but I'm not convinced I could get myself out of it. 🙂