tag sale art

I bought this at the church tag sale this weekend. It's barks and mosses over paint, and the band around the frame is some type of cork. All I know about it other than that is it was stamped “Made in Japan” and cost me five bucks. Best five bucks I ever spent.

well, baby…

During Babykins' recent well-baby appointment, the pediatrician asked me, “You don't use a walker, do you?”, and at first all I could think was “Huh? Do I look like I need assistance in the form of durable medical supplies?”, but actually, he was just making sure we didn't have any unsafe baby stuff around the house.

Oh, and what does it say about me as a do-it-all working-stiff mom that his six-month well-baby appointment was on his seven-month birthday?

On Gmail

Obviously, Gmail has some sort of language bot that lets it know which ads to foist. But I can't imagine which of my emails would prompt it to shill to me “How To Kiss A Girl – www.DavidDeAngelo.com – Learn How To Kiss A Girl In A Way That Makes Her Melt In Your Arms”.

On Twitter

Some facts about Twitter:

Twitter users don't tweet, they twit.

As such, Twitter users are twits.

Twitter breeds twit wit.

That should be its motto: Twit wit Twitter.

“Twit wit wit Twitter” works, too.

new haircut

“Like my new haircut?” I asked Monstro.

“When'd you get your haircut?”

“Last night, when you were asleep.”

“Oh,” he said. “Did I get a haircut, too?”


“Just wondering,” he said.