sick baby

Not sure how BK managed to catch Ehren's cold, seeing as they live half a nation away from each other and, oh yeah, have never met, but that did not stand in the way of germ transference. I was up from 9:30-11:30 trying to calm a sick BK. I fed him grapefruit, changed him, put him down in the playpen in the office (so as not to bother his four-year-old nursery roommate), left, couldn't stand the sound of him crying so I sat with him in the family room, that didn't work, sat with him in the office, which would have worked except right when I was dozing off I felt him stroke my arm and that sent him into gales of laughter. Tried bringing him to bed with me but he'd doze off and then get excited by the fact he was dozing off in mommy and daddy's bed so he'd start singing/talking. We're pretty sure he's added “Peter Cottontail” to his repertoire. Finally, I just put him down in the damn playpen and he cried it out for five minutes, slept for 10, cried it out for three minutes, and finally slept… until 4:00, when I had to get up and re-insert his binky. Truly, I am the best mom on the planet, present company excepted.

Happy Tuesday / First Birthday

It's been a super-busy day, weighted with incessant rain and skies that prompted Lex to say, “The clouds are all gray.”

Class went great last night and then I figured out a big thread in my new play. It's funny how the building blocks that you don't know where they come from within you but you build with them anyway and boom, they pay off on a whole 'nother level. I love that.

I am further bolstered by the increasing realization that I am the author of the funniest joke ever written. My chicken-or-the-egg joke is funnier IMO than the Fishstick joke on South Park, the best joke by South Park since Clooney voiced kitty. It's fun.

Happy birthday Ehren; I love you!

seriously, I went to bed at 9:00 last night

After our hot-tub date, I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 9:00 and didn't do any reading before turning off the light. I think I was passed out by 9:03. Niiiice. Unfortunately, my 90-minute run on Sunday — which included distance, hard hills, and speedwork, plus negative splits — jacked up my foot something awful. I thought the side-bone of my left foot was all healed but apparently I was mistaken. Good thing I still have a sports-medicine doctor appointment on Friday. Good Friday, indeed. Now, I have a bandage wrapped around my foot, which means in this pouring-down rain, the only shoes I can wear are my Birkenstocks. Ahh, life, you torment me so.

most relaxing date ever

Mmmmm. Just back from a three-hour date w/ my sweetheart Monstro. The first hour was spent at the local redwood hot-tub facility, where we spent the 1 hour gift certificate he gave me for our anniversary. Then, the second hour was spent at Mosaic Cafe, where we enjoyed fresh foods with Middle-Eastern spices and freshly squeezed juice. I was butter in his hands for the third hour, which was spent buying groceries at Stop and Shop. Now it's nearly 8:00, the groceries are put away, Monstro drove the babysitter home, and I'm seriously thinking it might be time to go to bed. Nighty night!

new play

I am officially writing a new play. It is about a female stand-up comedian and a man who doesn't find her very funny, and why. I have written an entire page of stand-up comedy and will be sending it to the only stand-up comedian I know personally, for his illustrious comments. I think it will be a 10-minute play and I look forward to submitting it to Humana this year, once it's done.