quick update so you know I've not expired

So, in the past month I've moved, gone on vacation, watched kids, etc. Pretty busy around here. We just found out today that Lex has been accepted to the new-town preschool, which will be M-F, pretty much all day. Huge sigh of relief on that one; we've been wait-listed for a month and I was beginning to lose hope. Now I just need to figure out something to do with BK during those days. Our new roommate will be some help there but BK has a lot of energy and really, I'm thinking of just keeping him in the fallow, fenced-in garden area of our new home.

Our new home, btw, is freaking spectacular, and even though we're not all settled, it was a joy to come home from vacation to our fabulous new house. Photos soon, I promise.

Monstro is preparing for his new professorial gig and banging his head against the new-technology market and how it doesn't always do what it says it will. Very frustrating. He is also on Facebook now and is enjoying catching up with friends from Days Gone By.

Work is really heating up; my contact at my longest-running tech client has changed, and this one actually puts PR/marketing as a massive priority, so needless to say in the past week I've written two press releases, set up two analyst calls, edited a case study, done product interviews, etc. I'm tired just writing about it.

Oh, and one day, we will laugh about the time I used our new washer for the first time, only to flood the basement, but not now, and certainly not the other night at 9:30 when I realized I'd flooded our basement and needed to move the 100 boxes located in the soggy quadrant. Most of it was Monstro's stuff, which is to say, empty plastic yogurt containers and other such waterproof gaming-scenery-raw materials. The one box of mine that got wet was filled with pictures. Typical.

3 thoughts on “quick update so you know I've not expired

  1. Sorry about the soggy basement, I hope that is the worst new house headache! Glad the work scene is going well and I hope you enjoy your new office with all this new work! Love Katherine

  2. Of course, my office is nearly the last thing to be unpacked; when you work at a desk in your kitchen for three years, you can do pretty damn well without a lot of space but plenty encumbrances.

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