'tis the day after Christmas

…and Mommy's TIRED, notwithstanding the fact I was in bed by 9:30 last night, after watching “Inception,” which I'm calling “SausageParty” because really, all those second-tier players and only one woman who wasn't a murderous dead wife or a flight attendant? Really??? Anyway, Monstro cooked the Christmas dinner of all Christmas dinners: mushroom strata, bleu-cheese-and-cauliflower tart, stuffing w/ pine nuts, pecans, mango, and sausage, and GOOSE. Christmas Goose. It was extraordinary. I think he was fueled by the fact that he'd unwrapped a FIRST EDITION hardcover Gravity's Rainbow that morning (thank you eBay). Lex opened his gifts with great abandon; BK opened about four and then decided he was done with the whole thing. He'll probably be unwrapping gifts through New Year's.

Today I've carried on the celebration by cleaning the kitchen (second load in the dishwasher now) and doing a little day-after-Xmas shopping online. Hope the dress fits 'cause I want to wear it on New Year's Eve!

2 thoughts on “'tis the day after Christmas

  1. I love the pics of you and your family (tell your mom she looks gorgeous — as do you — but you probably know that! 🙂 ).
    Merry Xmas to you all!

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