improvement continues

MFM's new care plan is going well and they're talking about releasing her to acute rehab in the next few days. I will be happy because it will only be 20 minutes from my house, which is a grand improvement over 90 minutes from my house. The next couple of days are also supposed to bring much snow/ice so we'll see if that impacts anything. Your good thoughts are helping, thanks!!!

looking up some

I drove 90 minutes to sit with MFM for 85 minutes and then drove back home this morning, but while I was at her bedside, her weekend neuro attending/resident came in and that was GOOD. We moved forward with a couple of care-plan items and they told me flat-out that it'll be rehab and not hospice, and moving her back home after rehab is probably fine, so yay. Also, I've driven 600 miles this week and I'm not even getting from Houston to North TX.

training log 1-27-11

Technically it was a 1.5-mile walk, but it was a 1.5-mile walk through 4″ of slushy snow while pushing the baby jogger. Hell yeah I'm counting it. This pushes me just over 20 miles for my 30 miles in 30 days challenge! I've also done a couple of hours of Wii Fit Free Step this week, but that's ancillary.

LIVE BLOG State of the Union Address 2011: Its First 10 Minutes

I love the State of the Union Address and try to tune in every year, faithfully from the moment the “Special Report” card is televised until the president opens his mouth. (I prefer to read the transcripts; black-and-white writing is — ironically– a more reliable vehicle for political speech.) I've had a crush on Brian Williams ever since he was on the not-sharing episode of Sesame Street so I watched NBC.

Here's what happened this year!

9:05 Sergeant-at-Arms Wilson Livingood looked particularly robust this year. Incidentally, that is the first time I've ever spelled “sergeant” correctly on the first attempt. Also, he goes by “Bill.”

9:07 The Democrats and the Republicans are sitting side-by-side in a way that reminds me of the lobby at a dentist's; the lobby at a dentist with a stringent dress-code and a voluminous slush fund for interior decor.

9:08 Mr. Williams announces that President Obama “has become sensitive to any darkening of the national mood” and I thought he was going to say “darkening of the President's hair.”

9:08 Williams mentions a video about “aisle hogs” who reserve a high-traffic spot every year and BAM! There's Hillary Clinton.

9:09 My own observation: When judges get the shaft, they REALLY get the shaft. You should google “Judge Lemkau” sometime, if it hasn't all been censored away by this point…

9:10 Dick David Gregory pronounces the House Speaker's name “Baner,” like “one who Banes.” Or maybe “The Banisher,” which come to think of it would make an AWESOME comic-book villain (dibs). But I guess “Baner” is better than using its probably Germanic-root pronunciation, which would be “Boner.” (heh heh heh German is funny sometimes.)

9:10 Joe Biden cracked up at whatever it was that President Obama said to him while they shook hands. I'm pretty sure it was along the lines of, “hey, Joe! Thanks for not cussin' tonight.”

Annnnd, that's what happens. Maybe tomorrow I'll show you how to dissect the transcript of the State of the Union Address so you can find out for yourself what it really was about. If you're lucky, and I don't go to Worcester, but I might go to Worcester, so whatever.

this probably won't help my aforementioned prayer request

… but you should google “filthiest movie” and see what comes up #1, before even Pink Flamingos. And yes, it's #1 both with and without the quotation marks.

Researching this from my referrer stats has reminded me of a long-overdue Public Service Announcement: If you are pregnant and you go on Ain't It Cool News and denigrate the movie Sin City, someone will respond that he hopes you have a miscarriage.

snow day-ja-vu

Didn't we just have a snow day LAST Tuesday? It hardly seems fair to have another today, particularly the day after another school holiday. It's supposed to be snowy and icy and generally gross all day today; no break planned for sledding or outdoor time. Thank God that Monstro cleared out the garage so we can get both our cars into it. The plowman will be happy about that.