Friday Friday

Well, it's been a week. Lots of caregiving for MFM. We are very happy she's home but it's playing hell on my sleep. Hello, baby monitor. How I haven't missed you.

We're putting new things in place to ensure her care remains top-notch. Both VNA and a home-care agency will be coming in; VNA for PT/OT and the occasional shower, and home-care during the hours both the kids are out of the house so I can continue to earn some semblance of income. Home-care starts next week and I'm looking forward to the respite. Might even be able to take my ass out for a run. I've missed my bonding time with my iPod and increased heart rate. Also, those 10pm Cheez-Its are going straight to my lower extremities. Time to do something about that. An elder-law attorney is hammering out a caregiving contract so that'll help with the financial aspects of caregiving. I'm ready for a vacation but that's not in the offing.

Lack of sleep and increased stress aside, I'm really really really glad she's home.

3 thoughts on “Friday Friday

  1. You're doing great! Sounds like the financials are in place, and that's 90% of elder care worries. You'll have a day off from stress soon enough.

  2. Yes, between that and some potentially positive news for Monstro on the job front, I'm feeling less despair than I was last week at this time. Miracles, miracles. xo!

  3. So glad YFM is home and also glad you have some help. Here's hoping by the end of April you have had some good runs in and some revenue generation, without too much other stress. So glad you had a yummy anniversary dinner. Hang in there! Love Katherine

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