New Digs

Welcome to my new digs. I miss my old digs. BlogHarbor and I were old friends and it servered me well. I’ve got a new server now, and it’s WordPress. You might think WP’s great but it’s not. It’s soulless. It lacks humanity. BlogHarbor had charm and sweet pull-down menus with dates on them. I will miss it.

I think this is the fifth “New Digs” entry I’ve posted lo these past 17 years of blogging, from a /~lynnb directory on Aimnet, to my first domain, to my then-new domain (with a middle domain suggestion thrown in for like a nanosecond, to punish the jerks paying me not to commit potential trademark fraud). And then the BlogHarbor domain with Motormouth, and now the Internet’s Oldest Blog.

The migration went great (thanks guys). Lost all my comment attributions, but maybe that’ll teach me to start tagging stuff (railyards). Thanks to John K, St. John, Sinjun and his support crew (my people! my people!) for keeping all the forwarding and maintaining my SEO. I didn’t read that closely enough — though I did notice that the original notice lacks time committment for the “10% hosting discount,” ahem. No, it’s OK, I warned him I’m a PITA.

Also: MFM was home for four days and then fell again and had surgery this Monday. They brought in a top guy and he was able to fix everything even better than it had been originally. I am thankful. She is sleepy. I am doing comedy on April 14th disguised as “Communicating the Uncomfortable.” One is fueling the other, and vice versa. I’ve been extended a half-assed guest instructor invitation to a communications class at Tri-C. I’m hoping to do it before the comedy competition, give it a trial run.