The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Today I went for a run and, after depositing a discarded 40-oz with what I hope was just leftover beer in it into the Dumpster, I went in to Rite-Aid to wash my hands. The cow in the ladies room was taking forever so first I took my blood pressure in the little machine they have, and then I just looked around. A young clerk, about 5’11” and 95 pounds, walked past eating from a bag of beef jerky. A minute passes, I’m still waiting to wash my hands (there was a brown bag around the beer bottle, otherwise I’m not sure I’d have picked it up in the first place), when the same clerk walks back the other way, carrying two six-foot-long tubes of fluorescent lighting and yet persisting in eating beef jerky, so he was holding the bag in his right hand and cradling the light tubes in the crook of his right elbow, and then trying to feed himself with his left hand without the whole thing going to hell, and the tubes are starting to slip around and up and down and right as he gets that under control he sees me, hunches over, and strides from the frame.

I did not laugh aloud until I left the building.

(And, topper on the cake, I got to see my favorite wizened old-lady cashier, too! Hey Olema, you lookin’ good.)

One person makes a difference

We are still getting the runaround from Huntington Bank. Last I heard, the underwriters might want to look at the papers for MFM’s trust. Ridiculous. If they’d used this much discretion reviewing 2.7 billion of home loans 6 years ago, we wouldn’t have had to bail them out with our tax dollars. Now they won’t loan any money at all.

Anyway, when I was Facebooking about it, I used the @ sign prior to Huntington Bank. I didn’t at the time realize that this meant my posts and its comments would appear on the “Related Posts” page you could reach from the front of HB’s FB property.

So that happened, and it was there for weeks. Then about 10 days ago, I visited Huntington’s Facebook page. There’s no longer a tab or page there for “Related Posts.” It’s gone. They deleted it.

So, ye downtrodden: never let it be said that one person can’t make a difference.

Strange days indeed

I’m blogging about once a month lately, but I figure if The Dancing J can do it then so can I. It’s just that life has bipolar lately: high highs, low lows. It’s exhausting. High highs: Monstro and I are on the cusp of buying our first home. If everything goes according to plan we’ll have it inspected on Tuesday. The price of this home is the price of a down payment on a home in California, and even if we don’t live in it forever the rental market in our city is very landlord-favorable so that’s a good thing. We are planning that MFM will live with us even though just yesterday we decided to extend her rehab therapy by at least another week. She is just *not* a one-person transfer right now –I did some therapy with her and her physical therapist yesterday morning– and if she’s going to come home, she has to be safe and so do I. We have a follow-up with her surgeon on Monday and her PT made some suggestions, so we’re going to try-try-again maybe next Wednesday and see where she’s at. They’ve also recently upped the medication dosage of an appetite-stimulant that she had been tolerating well, so I’m going to bring that up today.

How are you liking this format? I’ll admit that WordPress has always felt soulless to me, but for now the anonymity of the slate appeals to me, even though it’s not like you don’t already know who I am.