Sixth Day of Christmas

6th day of Christmas a.m.: the kitchen is clean, the dishwasher’s running, whites are bleaching in the washer, my 2nd viewing of BREAKING BAD resumes w/ the final three eps, starting with “Ozmandias,” kids are outside playing, and the day’s had a pretty good start.

Fifth Day of Christmas

Fifth day of Christmas: everyone slept until 9:30 and after breakfast the boys and I went to the pediatrician for their physicals and then to a playground and laser tag center two counties away so Brian could get some more work done on his book. Came home, ate chili pie, watched “Time Bandits,” reading.

Buh-Bye, Prosecutor McGinty

McGinty was looking for any possible option not to prosecute. It would have come out in the trial how at least one of the officers… the shooter… should *never* have been hired by CPD in the first place. Would’ve supplied a ton of legal testimony to back up any civil cases Samaria Rice is sure to bring. Now she’ll have to move forward without that testimony on the books.

It’s all a fucking shame, how horrible people can be.

When’s McGinty up for re-election? No WAY he’s keeping his job after this.

Third Day of Christmas

Third day of Christmas: emptied a bunch of boxes/bags in the basement, bought new-to-me records at Half Price Books for a buck apiece, made green bean casserole and Dominican corn bread, and went to BFF’s house where we enjoyed a delicious homemade turkey dinner and I won our game of Cards Against Humanity.

Best Advice of 2015

The best advice I gave anyone this year: If you have the opportunity to be in a mugshot, do not even try to smile. #PRAdvice #CreepyasHell

*Even creepier: a month and a half later, one of the people in the room when I gave this advice actually had the occasion to use it. #HolyCrap #HisMugshotLookedBetterThanMost #prescient