Sixteen weeks down; 24 to Go

So I alluded to the fact that work is hell lately, and the past three days I've worked 31 hours, which is particularly impressive once you know that on the second day, I only worked six.

And early Saturday I was coming home from a 14-hour day at 1:00 in the morning, blaring the Dead Kennedys and cursing the fact I had to be up at 7 that morning to take a bunch of the kids from the Noho store to a crew rally, when I felt the baby move.

Not only that, but I also realized that the “gastrointestinal distress” I'd felt while in the car with Brian the day before was actually the baby moving.

I talked to Katie about this whole baby-moving thing earlier this week.

“Have you felt the baby move yet?” she asked.

“Maybe, but I think it's just gas,” I told her.

“Could be. Every time I have a gas pain I think it's a baby kicking,” she said.

(Katie's youngest baby graduates high school next week.)

I'd been pretty ambivalent about feeling this new life thing moving inside of me. I mean, I'm a pretty autonomous person. But Julie's right; it's pretty cool.

At least for now, while I can feel it while still breathing and without needing to pee.

so this is pregnancy…

Not much to say on the front. I'm nearly at the point where I look pregnant (as opposed to schlumpy), and I'm disliking pregnancy much less than before. Hence the radio silence; I would have felt crappy posting how unhappy I was, day after day. But now I'm at 15 weeks, my energy is coming back (only to be sucked out again by my intensely insane job, but that's another story), and I never really had any morning sickness (except for that week of stomach flu), so I think I'm mostly done with complaining right now. Finally. 🙂