“Next Blog,” PLEASE

I don't blog on Blogger anymore but the majority of my friends do, so I find myself on blogspot.com rather freqently. One of the best features of Blogger is the “Next Blog” button. Nobody you know posted anything recently? Hit “Next Blog” and let the wonder begin! I've found some great blogs via this method — my favorite is Kika Sailing, wherein a couple is documenting their efforts in sailing the intrepid Kika around the world — and even if the Next Blog is boring, you can push “Next Blog” again and end up somewhere entirely different.

Unfortunately, this “entirely different” strategy can massively backfire. I ended up on sptrans(dot)blogspot(dot)com and not only was I treated to a foreign blog with pictures of people who had real fake breasts and real real penises, but the designer of said site had figured out how to eradicate the “Next Blog” button, so there was nowhere to go but Back. And now I want to wash out my eyes with soap!!!

The Sounds of Silence

Our house is our own again… and after 14 days of houseguests, and 10 days of being houseguests/on vacation prior to that, the stillness is hypnotic and sensuous. I wrapped myself in it last night at 9:30 and slept through until 8:30 this morning (with a quick 5:30 ayem hiatus to change the young prince).

I hadn't foreseen how challenging it would be to play hostess now that Alexander is in the fray. Even though Monstro is the best father ever and inspiringly “hands-on”, I simply cannot leave baby with him as I go off all day to cavort. I get homesick.

So now it's time to get back to work. I finished one Web site shortly before leaving on vacation — please check it out at Coaching Caregivers, LLC. This was a wonderful project with a good-hearted, fun, intelligent client who is doing his part to improve the world.

And, I'm happy to announce the debut of Rhythmball, which is a new exercise being introduced to North America. They've been doing it in China for years and it is shortlisted to be a demonstration sport at the 2008 Olympics. Exercise like Olympians! Order your set today and avoid the rush!

And, speaking of exercising like Olympians, Becky of Beck's Blog is running a one-hundred-mile race this weekend. Prayers for her and everyone involved in the Western States 100 would be greatly appreciated — especially because the temperatures are forecasted to be beastly, beastly hot. Go, Becky!!!

Sheesh, where've you been?

Ha ha. Been quite a month of vacation and houseguests and visitors. Still in the thick of it, hence my radio silence. We had a lovely family vacation in Maui and I'll tell you, the most stressful day in Maui, still pretty much beats the pants off any other day in non-Maui. That's all for now.