Training log 5/30

Took a day off yesterday to rest after a late-night/early-morning bout of food poisoning, compounded, I think, by swallowing too much pool water during my swim. Back at the track today with a pretty impressive set:

800m run

400m walk

800m run

1200m walk (I think — I got to talking with another woman on the track and lost track (ahem) of the laps)

800m run

400m walk

So yes, that's a total 1.5 miles of running and about the same of walking. Pretty great. And I'm loving my iPod — it's really keeping me going.

Training log 5/25

Ran three laps, aka three-quarters of a mile, without stopping. Whoot! Then ran one more lap to round it out for a mile. Did a bunch of stretching afterwards (to make up for not much stretching beforehand). The next morning my back hurt a little but nothing major. Yay!

doing better today

Went back to the doctor today — quite an exciting proposition, going to the university's health center on GRADUATION DAY — and Lex is doing much better. No more shots, unless the recovery starts backsliding. The doc also said that we can go down to a 3x/day antibiotic regimen, which means no more setting the alarm for 1:30 a.m., which is what we did last night. And then Babykins slept through the night. Typical. 🙂

One of those daze

So this morning as Babykins and I were walking in to the urgent care at Monstro's university, Monstro and Lex were walking OUT of the urgent care at Monstro's university. Kind of one of those family reunions you hope to avoid. Lex has an infected spider bite that has swelled up his hand to Mickey-Mouse proportions. Then, this morning, Babykins fell off the bed. Babykins checked out fine, but Lex has something that, 100 years ago, could have killed him. So yeah, that's humbling. He's on an every-six-hours rotation of antibiotics for the next seven days. Guess it's just as well that Babykins still isn't sleeping through the night.


After just a week of serious training, I am wearing a pair of shorts that didn't fit when I bought them (just grabbed 'em off the rack and paid for them — too hard to maneuver dressing rooms with kids in tow). Yee haw!

Training log 5/20

warm-up: 400m

work-out: 6x60m, 1x100m

cool-down: chasing children back down the hill; encouraging Lex not to push babykins's stroller into the high hurdles

Felt damn good to do speedwork again. During my 100, Lex screamed, “Mommy, you go so fast!” And then, when I was done, he gave me a big hug and said, “I proud of you, Mommy.” Melt my effin' heart.

In other news

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the track at the local college and ran a mile (and walked a half-mile).

This morning, I went to the track at another local college and ran a mile (and walked a mile).

Last Thursday, I swam 14 laps in 15 minutes.

I might not fit into my black leather pants in time for my 20-year high school reunion, but it's a good goal to shoot for.