Headline of the week

BART holdup victim grabs knife, kills robber


(For those of you not familiar with the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, they're commuter rail trains. The Fruitvale station has been plagued with violence. The kicker is, the holdup victim was on his cell phone shortly before the attack, told his buddy, “I have a bad feeling about these two guys behind me,” and then left the phone on during the subsequent attack.)

my favorite florists

So the owners of the best florist in town, Nuttelman's, go to our church, and they're lovely. And they just proved how lovely they are by sending an adorable, happy, yellow/purple/white arrangement in a yellow smiley-face latte cup. The card stated that they are “praying for sleep.” Yup, me too. 🙂 Thanks, Mary and Chip!

three nights of no sleep

Baby's waking up every two hours, sometimes more, crying like the world is coming to an end. We are going to the pediatrician again today at 4:00. I will be requesting a large bottle of… something.

Three nights of no sleep has me feeling like a student driver on the highway of life. Last night I was so tired that I turned off “Lost” right after the big Kate-Jack kiss and went to bed.

(At least now I don't feel like such a codger for publicly decrying Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is an enormous tool.)

V-Day Music

Doug at Back Home has posted a couple of playlists for Valentine's Day. One is for “Sarah McLachlin” lovin'. The other's for “Hot Monkey Lovin.”

My “SMcL” playlist has one song: Dave Grohl's “Everlong,” the acoustic version he did for the Howard Stern Show.

My “HML” playlist has one song: Foo Fighters' “Everlong.” Oh, and “Breathe” by SmartBomb. And NiN “Closer.” And, if we're being *totally* honest, “Business Time” by Flight of the Conchords.

(mmmmm… Oh Monnnnnstrooooo…)

Come on, let's all learn inappropriate things about each other. What's on your hot-button list?

P.S. If you visit the “Hot Monkey Love” link in the next 14 hours, you will get a yummy surprise!

More about my new play

It's called “Dogs.” I started it a year and a half ago (my, how time flies). It's about three men and three dogs, and brutality, and in the end, everyone gets what they deserve. Quite cathartically satisfying, indeed. I still need to type it up but we read through the whole thing last night and it's done.

Meryl told me there's a new “five-minute play” spectrum, and I believe “Dogs” fits that category. Of course, it's a five-minute play that requires both a dance coach and a fight coach, because I'm not one to do things halfway.

“Lindsay Lohan's Birkin” can be staged in a black box with no props, so on a double-bill with “Dogs,” I figure the budget would even out. And then I could finish my “Count of Three” Anna Nicole Smith play (which has been 95% complete for two years) and have a Motormouth one-act play festival!

And yes, they're all plays about celebrities. Can you guess the main character of “Dogs”?

Three little words

Tonight I was able to write three words I haven't written in nearly a year: End of Play.

Meryl at playwright's lab said it's “Just the right combination of perverted and disgusting.” She said if I get it staged, I can put that quote on the placard.

Yay, me!