My Play's Being Staged!

I am pleased as punch to announce that “Lindsay Lohan's Birkin” will be staged on November 8th as part of the first-ever public reading of works from the Northampton Playwright's Lab. Yay, me!!!! This means that I'm two-for-two in having submitted plays accepted for production. Maybe there's something to all this after all…

Hilarious Coincidence

Anne Lamott says “coincidences are just God's way of working anonymously.” Well, baby's first birthday is Sunday, November 19th. The proposed sermon title for that day at my church? “Giving Thanks for Birth Pangs.”

In other news, this Sunday is Laity Sunday at my church — the laypeople are doing the entire service so our pastor can sit in a pew with his wife. And I get to preach the sermon. I'm both excited and terrified. I'm excitified!


Baby and Monstro have been to the ER twice in as many days. The first time because baby did a header out of his crib. No more keeping the crib rail down as I turn to dispose of a dirty diaper, no sir. And then today he did a major projectile vomit, which was something to watch for as a sign of further head-injury complications, so back to the ER we went. This time they had us out of there in 1.5 hours, much better than the three hours we spent last night. We'd hardly sat down when they called our name this time, and then when we went back to the waiting room to, uh, wait for a room, they called us within one minute. To mitigate the bitterness that immediately pervaded the atmosphere, I announced, “Don't be too jealous, we were here last night, too.” The laughter from the other wait-ers broke the tension.

The funny thing is, baby has been super healthy from pretty much Day One, knock wood, and then this weekend while baby and I were out of town for a wedding in Bethesda (Congratulations, Sean and Kristen!), he ran a 103.1 fever Friday night, then got hives on Sunday, and when we got home was when he fell out of his crib. Monstro missed most of the fun as he had to stay home, but I did keep him in the loop by calling him at 3 a.m. Saturday morning for the UMass urgent care line. No, I have not developed Munchausen's by Proxy. Though after reading this, if you'd like to pass a little sympathy for my baby my way, I wouldn't mind. Honest.