to be an artist is to know rejection

I got the world's smallest rejection letter yesterday. It literally measured 1.5×3 inches. And if Monstro's initial review of my play mirrors what the Lab people are gonna say Wednesday, it'll a be a bloodbath. I'm going to try to cushion the blow by reading “My First Kiss” as a monologue (and also, one of my readers says the play is “very funny”). Pray for me, nevertheless.

drunk all over the Internet since April 2010

Hi, I'm Motormouth's blog, it's my 15th birthday this month — that's birthday *years* to you, not weeks — and by the time Motormouth was my age she wasn't a virgin, so I have the right to be a little tipsy all over the Internet, thanks so much.
Motormouth sang
Mogen David today — her family? yeah, they have a SONG, ask anyone — and it sounded damn good. Felt good, too. (That's what she tells me, anyway.)
Motormouth could not convey a greater happiness at the fact that she would buy her best friend Sean's family's Destiny Bay Vineyards wine for its $120 price at a moment's notice of the flea's lightning-fast consciousness; the wine provided a smooth, happy social lubrication not seen since my last true bottle of Bordeaux was opened on the eve of, it's painful to recall, Sean's departure to OZ.
Likewise, Motormouth might have something very truly exciting and different going on next week, which is,
per se, more than a bit thrilling.
Additionally, Motormouth continues to be brilliant for her clients in record time. How delightful for us all.

for those of you who haven't been reading my drunken FB status updates Fringes

Our best friend Emily, of best-friends-Emily-and-Nicki fame, passed her dissertation defense today. I opened the $120 bottle of Destiny Bay Mystae (2005– frickin' YUMMY) and one of two remaining bottles from our wedding reception, a Gloria Ferrer blanc de noirs sparkling wine. Hello, major drinks before a non-existant dinner. I mean, there were some hors d'eourves, but I didn't have lunch and as notetaker at Emily's defense, didn't get a full bag of the delicious Atkins-farms appetizers. You would not have believed the good tastingness of the butterscotch cookies. Mmmm…

Anyway, Nick and Em and Mary beat it as soon as I put Lex to bed, which was a pity, because I wanted to sing “Mogen David,” which is really called “In the Midnight Choir” by the Gatlin Brothers and is the song that my family sings to commemorate a singular or drunken evening (this was both).

Instead, I called Emily and had her put me on speaker. So, now Nick and Em know the chorus, though I've not heard them sing it. They have been warned that it will be sung again one month and a day from now at a certain luncheon we shall all be attending.

Gonna need a designated driver for that one, I think…

dumb comment spam

Some comment spammer posted 75 spam comments to my blog overnight. Seriously. One comment I might have let slide, but 75? Deleted and blocked, baby.

In other news, in last night's D&D, Monstro got me down to zero hit points, but I recovered.

903 articles

This is the 903rd article I've written since shifting to Blogharbor six years ago. Oh, and have I mentioned that this month is the 15th anniversary of when I started writing my blog? (Yeah, you're right, I have mentioned that. Now i remember.)