it's afoot!

June is nearly here and with it comes summer vacation — I mean, not totally, but during the spring I had six jobs and now I'm down to two, so I'm seriously underemployed, which is great (for now) because I can spend that time building the calluses on my left hand's fingers, and taking the boy to the park, and other personal projects. Haven't read Gravity's Rainbow for like a month but it's the ONLY book I'm reading Thursday through at least Sunday afternoon/evening and possibly into next week as well.

The house is mopped, we've banged out three loads of laundry (oh! oh!) and yeah, even though I've seen tonight's ep like a million times, I'm going to watch my doomed Veronica Mars. Maybe they should do a new title card? Ophelia Mars ?


So yeah, I went to my plot at Mytown's Community Garden today for the first time in forever, gave the grassy borders the horticultural equivalent of a bikini wax and rid the whole place of a mess o' weeds. I now feel strong and tan and, yes, I'll admit it, a little sore from all the hoein'.

dishwasher delivery told me that my dishwasher would arrive between 9:15 and 11:15 this morning. The deliverymen, handsome and gleaming, were here at 9:20. By 9:30 they'd trucked the old one out to the curb (bags of cookies in hands for the favor) and departed.

I've wanted a dishwasher for a long, long time. The one we had before stood between our sink and our utility pantry/stairwell and was a glorified butcher block, as we picked it up from the side of the road one day and it never worked, unless you consider leaky water all over the kitchen floor effective as a cleaning agent, which I don't. Plus, a piece of its chrome trim stuck out from the door and always jabbed me in the butt when I'd reach for the cat food or a mop.

Ahh, our beautiful new energy-safe appliance. Sweet, white, cleansing priestess. I unwrapped her with the care one takes to disrobe a virgin. Removed the styrofoam cubes from her dish racks. Peeled off her protective film with a sultry thwwoooooooorg sound that made me tingle. I'd already swept and mopped where she now stands invitingly.

Pushing her buttons, I start my first load at the stroke of 10:05 and as she came to life she purred, a snow lion cub, roused and ready to feed. Monstro pricked up at the tone and I felt my pulse throb in my chest, alive with the sound of it.

next to Godliness

today I ordered an 18″ portable dishwasher from, on sale, with a mail-in rebate to cover delivery charges. bye bye, dishpan hands! woo hoo!

what kind of dishwasher soap are y'all using these days? is seventh generation any good? i find their toilet paper to be a mite rough but the benefits outweigh the cons and besides, Monstro hasn't complained yet. the seventh generation dish soap is weak but OK, and Nicki and Emily rave about the bathroom cleaner, which they say is NOT smelly. that lysol tub-and-tile stuff makes me want to hurl from the bottom of my soul.