The Trouble with Facebook

… is that you spend some time on it, and then you're maybe halfway through your first quiz — no; you've just finished taking the quiz and have/not invited other FB “friends” to take it — and pow, it loads four out of five items but never loads the rest, and hangs, and you have to hit “reload,” which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. And you get a little angry that you can't see your quiz result, or that you had to reload the page. And then you feel a gnaw of self-disgust for caring about the thing in the first place.

long time no see

Sorry I haven't written but things have been massively busy out here. Last Monday, my mom broke her hip. Not the best Columbus Day as ever was. She's doing well at the rehab center, which is the only reason why you're reading about it here.

Sorry if you're one of the people I should have emailed about it. Last Monday was also Day One of two that Monstro was going to crank out his MLA job-list applications. Mail merge, letters, labels, cv, stuff, more stuff, stuff it in an envelope and then fill out the certified mail with return receipt postcard forms and paperclip each one individually and take them to the post office and spend so much time there with Postman Tyrone that you're building as much of a relationship as you have with (pretty much) anyone here.

It is amazing that in this time of recession, there are nearly fifty job opportunities for (tenure-track) professorships for Monstro, and he's such a smart cookie that it feels like God has filled us with everything and now it's just up for one (or two) esteemed colleges (in places where it doesn't snow seems almost like asking too much, especially with only one job, period, in California) to recognize his (His) gifts.

So this is where Motormouth (non-parenthetically) thanks Jesus for the solid.

In my free time, I've taken Lex candlepin bowling, have determined my art project's scope and format to make good on my promise to published-poet Anne, and set up a WordPress blog at as my father's 70th birthday gift; he didn't find out about it until he received the business cards via snail-mail, courtesy of moi via VistaPrint.

My father is the man who has pretty much everything, so when he calls a gift you've given him “fucking priceless,” you can consider that to be a massive score: Motormouth, FTW!

training log, last week to this week

I think it shows the increasing depth of my training that I haven't even logged my last four runs. Last Tuesday I hit a milestone — I ran for the fun of running. I powered up the big hill at Smith and let out an amusing-to-passersby war whoop at the top. BK and I ran and ran and ran. Such a blast.

The next day I ran, too… but where? Don't remember.

Saturday I didn't run, but I hosted a baby shower here, and probably did 2.5-3.0 miles from the living room to the kitchen and back.

This week on Monday I showed up early to preschool pick-up, in hopes of running the track. Selfishly, the track was closed to everyone not on a collegiate track team. So I ran a two-mile loop around part of the campus. Very satisfying, particularly as the last time I ran on the dirt part, I had to stop to walk three times! This time, I ran it and its distance again, without stopping.

Tuesday I planned to have lunch with a friend, so I ran into town. Literally. The fortuitious part was, I started late and couldn't use my more scenic route, but my typically busy street was having its bike-lane markers repainted, so there were pylons stretched the length of my run.

When I shared this with my friend, she said, “Like you were in your own personal 10K!” Kris is so funny, I love her. Plus, she doesn't mind if her lunch date is actively perspiring until the food comes.

No running yesterday, but I did listen to a congested BK holler all day (no naps!), which kept my muscles tense, if not engaged.

O your Motormouth is an awesome Motormouth

Not only did I get BK to self-soothe himself to sleep, but the Gartner quote approval came in at 8:20 and I was able to get it added to the press release I'd scheduled for 10:00 publication.

The funny thing is, I always (like, every single time) schedule press releases at 9:00 a.m., but yesterday the thought came into my head to try 10:00 publication, instead. It was the only reason why I was able to get the quote added. Amazeballs.

Press release here. Thank you, Jesus. I owe you one…. or 23,000,001. Who's counting?