evil nurse from hell

So usually I'm a big fan of the folks in the nursing profession. My auntie, for whom I am named, directed a nursing school for many decades. I see a lot of nurses where I work and they're always friendly and kind. Even one of the moms of a couple of our crew members is a nurse, and we had a nice talk about it this week. So usually I'm all like, “yay, nurses!”

And then I went to the midwife on Friday and got the evil nurse from hell.

Maybe she just didn't have her coffee that morning, or had a fight with her husband, or on the way to work her broom wouldn't start. Beats me. All I know is, when I got on the scale, telling her SPECIFICALLY “I don't want to know what I weigh,” the bitch told me what I weigh. Down to the half pound.

“I told you, I don't want to know that,” I said. “There's no reason for me to know. There's nothing I can do about it.”

“Not right now,” she said, as if the minute I birth my son I need to be getting my fat ass on the treadmill, stat.

I'm convinced she's not even good at her job. It took her two times to get my blood pressure right.

Truly, she's the second most evil person I've had contact with this month.

Thunderous pussy ass balls!!!!!

2 thoughts on “evil nurse from hell

  1. What a rag! She reminds me of someone I know: We have a Weight Watchers program at work, and none of us like the group leader. Some of us have actually said we'd like to purposely gain weight just to piss her off.
    Regardless of what you may weigh, I'm sure you're just as beautiful as ever!

  2. My buddy Anne had the same issue as I do. Her nurse told her, all she needed to do to watch her weight was cut out all refined sugar and walk three miles a day. Brilliant — I think that nurse should write a freakin' book!

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