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So MDH and I have been having a bit of a film orgy recently, having heartily availed ourselves to the “artsy” video store, which catalogs its top-floor movies by director, and boasts every film on the “America's 100 Best Films Ever” list from AFI. We really enjoyed “Chinatown,” especially the vistas of Ventura County as open land and orange groves. “Kinsey” was interesting but icky — is anyone else getting tired of all the movies about infidelity? Really: Sideways, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Closer, etc. Booor-ing.

“A Very Long Engagement” is one that I've been waiting for since I missed it in the theater. The novel, originally written in French by Sebastien Japrisot, is on my top-five list of all time (along with _Moby Dick_, _To Kill a Mockingbird_, _The Catcher in the Rye_, and one I haven't read yet). They did a good job with the film. It was especially entertaining to watch Jodie Foster speak French, which she does remarkably well. MDH had a bit of a tough time keeping the characters in line; frankly, if I hadn't read the book multiple times, I would have too. So, read the novel first, but then rent the film. Otherwise, don't be ashamed if you have to take notes.

We haven't gotten to “Being There” yet. I'll keep you posted. And hey, did any of you catch “Miami Ink” on TLC tonight? It's worth a look.

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  1. I'd hit “The Two Jakes” as well if you enjoyed “Chinatown.” Actually a pretty good sequel. Must see movie in contrast to Chancey in “Being There” is “The Party.” It's an interesting other side of the bookend to Peter Sellers just liking to watch. “Kafka” is a good one too, appropo to nothing. At least you;re watching better stuff than I. Ear infection precludes anything requiring reading of subtitles or complex plot. This week has been a binge of the third season of “Sealab 2021,” and Tom Baker era Dr. Who episodes.

  2. I remember hearing good things about “The Two Jakes” when it came out — thanks for the tip. Another film we rented was “The African Queen.” Brian'd never seen it but it's one of my favorites. Very ear-infection friendly. Get well soon!

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