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So last week I noticed I had a new commenter hanging around, someone who logged in anonymously, but always posted with a subject line of “Tomas Gurid.” I was flattered — for a while, all of the recent comments were “Tomas Gurid” — but then today I got a similar comment from someone else with a rather nonsensical name, “Gren Miller.” Hmmmm….

So I viewed the source of the comments page and noticed that after the three word comment, there followed a programming statement of:

“div style=”position: absolute; top: -1000px; left: -1000px; visibility: hidden;”

HIDDEN? What the fuck?

Turns out “Tomas Gurid” uses these minimalistic, poor-English comments to pollute blogs with ads for his crappy-ass online poker website. The thing is, this spam can't be seen by the person viewing the page, unless they choose the “View Source” option on their browser software. Maybe it assists with search-engine ranking; I don't know. All I know is that I've deleted all but one of his comments (for verity's sake), and will continue to do so. I've also added his IP addresses to my firewall so he can't post.

Now, I'm all for freedom of the web, which is why I've never deleted the series of harassing comments from my “movies movies movies” post a couple of months ago (well, that, and the hopes that the Comcast subscriber responsible for those posts will come back and post some more). But I will not be played for free advertising for sucky, black-market Web sites. And I'll google and technorati “Tomas Gurid” to let the webmasters of other sites he's commented on know what nefarious tricks he's up to.

Stamp out Tomas Gurid! Tomas Gurid no more!

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  1. 1. Thanks about warning me re Tomas Gurid.
    2. I suspect he has the following IDs too:
    3. Your e-mail is unavailable. Did you know that?

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