Monstro has graduated

My sweetheart, my sweet baboo has graduated with his Ph.D from UMass-Amherst. It's pretty great. His parents flew in and we had a great time w/ the boys and MFM. Then, on Saturday night, our Agawam friends threw him/us a big party and the grandparents watched the boys overnight. It is more pleasurable to party in Agawam than it is to wake up at the EconoLodge in W. Springfield, even if the party's host copped to a few illicit amour adventures there. “It's right next to Geraldine's,” he said. “There were lots of, oh, what's the word they used in the '80s to describe hot divorcees? Anyway, there were lots of them there. I think now it's hip-hop.” Looked pretty empty to me but could be I only had eyes for my post-festivity Big Mac. Anyway, the place was super clean, though the TV remote was missing and you couldn't turn on the TV without it. Good thing I'd just gotten my new Playboy that afternoon, and needed to keep it out of the house from the grandparents.

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  1. Also, after ruminating for a week, the next time I saw Chris I asked, “maneater?” And he said, “yeah, that was them.”

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