I lost 15 pounds this summer when I was caring for MFM. Not the best way to drop 15 pounds (in two months!), but it happened. I was mostly maintaining the weight loss but the scale was starting to creep up a bit, so I got back to the gym last week.

Now I’m down a total of 17 pounds, and the scale is at its lowest number that it’s been since I was pregnant with my first child, 7+ years ago.

Again, I’ll take it!

2 thoughts on “Huzzah!

    • Totally *not* righteous about it. Dropping the weight so quickly was a bummer, if you can believe that. I am ever-amused that when fat people lose weight, everyone gets so excited about it. That’s actually a bit in my comedy. 🙂 Anyway, I am happy to be eating healthy, small portions and running more frequently. xo

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