*Severely* Yellow Wallpaper

Anne wasn't feeling well this morning so Marc woke me at 7 am to see if I'd be on “Duncan Duty.” I watched him from that point until 2 in the afternoon, at which point I realized that if I didn't get out of the house, I would go severely Yellow Wallpaper on our asses. It was a joy to get out to Starbucks, where Anne was meeting her Mommy group. I took Duncan with me and went out for a Mexican food lunch. He started to fuss, so I picked him up and we toured around the restaurant. There was a fake firepit on the bar — a big mortar base with a light and fan in it, which blew the yellow and red cellophane in the air. We both stared at it, quietly fascinated. When I finished my meal, the server brought me a dessert for which she did not charge me. There's a bit of racket in this motherhood thing, I'm learning.

My phone conversations with Brian keep getting shorter, and I'm maintaining strict radio silence with everyone else. I figure it's only fair for my husband to be the first to know. Well, first to know after myself, Anne, Duncan, and Marc.

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