Because One is Never Enough…

Yeah, you probably think I'm going to announce that I'm pregnant again. You could not be more high, uh, I mean wrong. In fact, it's almost the opposite: I'm on a quest to LOSE THIS FREAKIN' BABY WEIGHT. Seven months is long enough, and though I think I'm down around 30 pounds, I've got many, many more to go.

So I'm introducing (drum roll, please) my new blog: Exercise like Olympians, where I shall chronicle my new fitness plan of eating right and Rhythmballing. I'm off to a good start and would really appreciate your support!

Love and plankton,

3 thoughts on “Because One is Never Enough…

  1. If you're feeling mathematical, here's the scoop.
    Multiply your weight by 11. The product is the number of calories per day you burn just by sitting still. So, if you want to lose weight, you need to consistently take in less than that number (or exercise it off.) A pound of fat=3500 calories. So that's how much you have to deficit in order to lose weight.
    So, a one-hundred pound woman will burn 1100 calories/day doing nothing. If she nets 600 calories a day, then in a week, she will have lost a pound. Not that a 100 lb woman needs to.

  2. I'd love to multiply my weight by 11, but my calculator's screen only has room for eight digits. Oh, and I don't actually know how much I weigh, because I closed my eyes last week during that part of my life-insurance physical… Thanks for the very interesting math problem, though. 🙂 –Lynn

  3. Yay support! And never because I think anything about your weight.
    Disregardless of weight class you can take Monstro.
    I will say this. Mmmnnn . . . Plankton.

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