Things I Didn't Know About Performers Until I Saw Them in Concert

OK, some of these are ridiculous, but they're all true! I didn't know:

Mick Jagger is sexy (oooohhh yeah).

David Bowie has one blue, one green eye (it was on the poster).

Phil Collins: Great with Genesis.

Phil Collins: Worst, least-original solo performer on the planet.

Alanis Morissette is pretty.

The Gin Blossoms bassist is a great flirt (ahem).

Eric Clapton has no charisma.

Steven Wright lives in Boston.

Chuck Berry is black (in my defense, I was seven years old at the time).

No Doubt fans top out at eighth grade (sorry, Alex).

Stewart Copeland (The Police, Oysterhead) went to high school in Berkeley.

Once you've had the quintessential Jerry Garcia experience, you don't need to spend any more money to see him (good thing, too).


The Greek Theater is the best place to see live music. Period.

One thought on “Things I Didn't Know About Performers Until I Saw Them in Concert

  1. A few I've learned:
    Ani Difranco is seriously adorable and funny
    Delores of the Cranberries is such a wee sprite
    The Spin Doctors suck in concert – surprising? probably not.
    For a band that I have no interest in, Lynard Skynard totally rocked it in concert
    The Violent Femmes were much older than I thought and I was only 20 at the time.
    The rest of the less embarrasing concerts I've been to taught me nothing new because I was either too far away to see the singer or too drunk to notice – most likely both 🙂

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