Back from NorCal

Baby and I have returned and it was great to see Monstro for one day before he left for a gaming convention, where, I've been teasing, he'll “get to hang out with 400 people who are just. like. you.” So I'm single-momming again for three more days, after which I'll go teach. I have unfolded the futon in the family room and shall be camping on Futon Island in front of the TV with twenty bucks worth of magazines.

7 thoughts on “Back from NorCal

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  2. The “comments” tree is out of whack; first Gerry commented, then I commented, then Anonymous commented, and now it's me again. Interesting comment from Anonymous…

    • Also look up Ilaco corporation, which is another one of his “many” business names he goes by.
      So he’s a web designer, accountant, movie producer, music producer, day care owner, investor, private detective, insurance agent, publicist, sales and marketing and a pretend to be lawyer. This man can’t be trusted. I’ve been to his office, it’s a hold in wall. Don’t be fooled by his fancy website.

  3. Do not do business with Gerry! Scam artist explains him perfectly. He’ll steal your ideas and not pay you a dime. RUN while you can!!!

    • Agreed. Stay clear. He doesn’t pay his bills. Attempted to rip us off, the courts ended up leaning in our favor. Run while you can is right!!!

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