Critique went well

Well, Monstro read Count of Three last night and said I've “turned a corner with this piece,” found it “deeply philosophical” and “surprising.” Which is great news. Just amazing. I was so jazzed all night, didn't go to bed until well after midnight (and am paying the price for that today).

I also had a guitar lesson today with the senior guitar hero of Mytown. What an excellent teacher he is. I learned more in 30 minutes than most would learn in hours and hours. It helps, I think, that I “get” what he was saying — he said that a lot of guitarists can usually do things one way or the other but not grasp them both — and even though he's got a full plate of students (I got in today on a cancellation), he endeth the lesson by saying that he could always come in half an hour early on weekdays, just tell the staff that he said it was OK for them to call him and schedule an early appt. So I guess we both felt it went well. I'm going to work on all the stuff he taught me and give him a call in a couple of weeks to go in again.

I bought a strap for my guitar today before the lesson, and had difficulty putting my strapped guitar back into my gear bag.

“It's harder to zip up the bag, now that there's a strap on it,” I said.

“No, it's because your guitar is stuffed full of more notes. Makes it fatter,” he replied. 🙂

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