savin' moolah

I *love* to save money. Usually by getting a great deal on something I was going to buy anyway. Like the $120 worth of bras I bought today for twenty-two bucks.

Another case in point: Monstro needs a laptop that will run XP and Word, so he can write his dissertation somewhere other than a house with a screaming baby (no, I'm not talking about myself). I was looking at at $500 laptops when I decided to cruise over to Craigslist for our region. Viola — an Acer Aspire 3610 laptop, complete with 1.50 MHZ processor, 1GB of memory, A 60 GB hard drive, 128 RAM of video memory, and a DVD/CD-RW drive is for sale in the next town over from ours for three hundred bucks.

Monstro called about it and it's still available, so he's on his way to the bank right now.

Gee, with all the money I've saved us today (I count it at three hundred smackaroos), maybe I'll see about that new Mac Mini that's so very cute. Hey, a girl needs her new toys, too!

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