V-Day Music

Doug at Back Home has posted a couple of playlists for Valentine's Day. One is for “Sarah McLachlin” lovin'. The other's for “Hot Monkey Lovin.”

My “SMcL” playlist has one song: Dave Grohl's “Everlong,” the acoustic version he did for the Howard Stern Show.

My “HML” playlist has one song: Foo Fighters' “Everlong.” Oh, and “Breathe” by SmartBomb. And NiN “Closer.” And, if we're being *totally* honest, “Business Time” by Flight of the Conchords.

(mmmmm… Oh Monnnnnstrooooo…)

Come on, let's all learn inappropriate things about each other. What's on your hot-button list?

P.S. If you visit the “Hot Monkey Love” link in the next 14 hours, you will get a yummy surprise!

2 thoughts on “V-Day Music

  1. I LOVE that acoustic version of “Everlong,” almost as much as the live version of Bush's “Glycerine” or the Foo Fighters' “Walking After You.”

  2. My favorite part from “Everlong” on Howard Stern is, even before Grohl starts playing the song, he says, “Huh. I've never played this acoustic. Wonder how it'll sound.” And then he busts out with pretty much the best live performance ever. What an amazing talent.

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