Spring Cleaning in July

On Friday I decided I couldn't stand my office another minute, so got to work mucking it out and rearranging. Time well spent. Then on Saturday, I dug through my half of the closet and most of my dresser drawers and donated the resultant eight kitchen garbage bags full of clothes to Goodwill. We have a new Goodwill in my town and I'm an avid shopper there — have bought a bunch of great clothes for the boys as well as a couple of cute things for myself. Last week I used my “avid reader” card, which gets me one free book a month. The book I picked up was from the organizer of that TV show “Clean House” and it details how to divest yourself of excess stuff, and why.

I'm not done yet, but I'm a lot closer, and the house is looking a lot better than it used to! I even dug all the books and magazines out from under my bed last night. It helped to have a package of baby-wipes nearby to wipe the lint and dust off the books and my hands.

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning in July

  1. Feels amazing. Your post a week or two ago about sending most of your clothes to charity really inspired me. Thanks KeMa!

  2. I go through the closet every year and donate what doesn't fit or what I haven't worn in a year or so (except special occasion clothes). Helps to not have “fat clothes” around when I am feeling like eating, 'cause then I would have to buy new! Katherine

  3. Well i really hate spring cleaning or holiday cleaning or any other extensive cleaning … my wife makes me move furniture and clean in places she can't reach and it's killing me she makes me wash carpets too but i prefer when i get a chance to use a Houston carpet cleaning firm if she can't find out

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