having a great time

How wonderful it is to have family in town! We wandered around our downtown yesterday and then had yummy dinner, which Monstro had to leave halfway through because BK was NOT in the mood to hang out at a restaurant, thank you very much. Today we're off to the butterfly museum (live ones, not The Collector-style ones with pins through their abdomens), then it's lunch at the fondly named Nana's Restaurant, and who knows for the afternoon. Shall keep y'all posted. Wish you were here, MM

2 thoughts on “having a great time

  1. I love having a personal RSS feed in my blog sidebar! You write, I'm notified, I click on through. I'm glad you are having a great visit. Soooo jealous of the co-parent available to duck out with the screaming baby so I can eat a hot meal while it's hot every once in a while.

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