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Hi, I'm Motormouth's blog, it's my 15th birthday this month — that's birthday *years* to you, not weeks — and by the time Motormouth was my age she wasn't a virgin, so I have the right to be a little tipsy all over the Internet, thanks so much.
Motormouth sang
Mogen David today — her family? yeah, they have a SONG, ask anyone — and it sounded damn good. Felt good, too. (That's what she tells me, anyway.)
Motormouth could not convey a greater happiness at the fact that she would buy her best friend Sean's family's Destiny Bay Vineyards wine for its $120 price at a moment's notice of the flea's lightning-fast consciousness; the wine provided a smooth, happy social lubrication not seen since my last true bottle of Bordeaux was opened on the eve of, it's painful to recall, Sean's departure to OZ.
Likewise, Motormouth might have something very truly exciting and different going on next week, which is,
per se, more than a bit thrilling.
Additionally, Motormouth continues to be brilliant for her clients in record time. How delightful for us all.

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