what a great day

Seventy-eight, 80 degrees in New England today. Lex and I celebrated at our first swimming lesson of the year. He practiced for 30 minutes — even jumped off the diving board! — and I swam fast laps for 25. Felt great.

The Look Park egg hunt was a blast, thank you so much to Look Park! Got some good pictures, too.

After non-naptime and ukulele practice — I'm playing tomorrow at Christ United Methodist Church, 8:30 am, Easter morning, big party, great for the kiddies, y'all come — I took the boys outside where they played while I washed a car. I didn't want them to dash off so we all had our shoes off and it mostly worked, though BK still went around the house a few times. (That's his thing.) Then everyone took a bath. BK took two.

Our house is mostly clean for tomorrow when we'll have Mom here and eat lamb 'til we burst. Mmmm, lamb. My Easter present from Monstro is, he's cooking dinner. Mom and I might actually get a couple of hours to watch Julie & Julia.

Happy Easter! Hallelujah, He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed! Praise His Holy Name!

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