Happy Monday, Happy May

So it's Monday, and it's May, and instead of thunderstorming for 10 hours as expected the sky just poured forth for 10 seconds and then, fini. I'm just back from giving a final. It's almost been exactly one week since Kyle's mom called us to tell us he'd died. Miss you, buddy. The interesting thing is, Kyle being Kyle, he left me a final request on my voicemail. So I've been keeping pretty busy doing that and I think this work is pretty much going to benefit the whole world. It doesn't surprise me; Kyle was like that. He gave me my orange ukulele, too, which was autographed by Jake Shimabukuro on my fifth wedding anniversary. Love you, man.

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday, Happy May

  1. I missed all kinds of posts yesterday. My RSS feeds failed, I guess. I'm sorry about Kyle. Happy belated Monday.

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