We have a houseguest in the form of half of our best friend. Nicki's up here from Pennsylvania. She's married to Emily, who didn't make the trip (hence the one-half aspect). We haven't seen her or Em since they moved to PA in late-July.

Nicki arrived yesterday in her little blue rocketcar. I was down in the driveway before Nicki could even open her door.

“I didn't realize how much I missed your smiling face until I saw it just now!” I said, pulling her into a hard, long hug.

It's awesome having a houseguest. First off, she brought us a case of Yuengling lager, something we'd never heard of until we met her. She's happy to sleep on our futon mattress on the floor, so we didn't have to move furniture. Moreover, it raises the grownup ratio in my household, so she's able to help me prep dinner or talk to my mom while I'm changing a diaper or help Mom find her wallet while I'm changing a diaper, etc.

Quite frankly, we might never let her leave. Sorry, Emily. You'll just have to move back to Western Mass. We'll clear a little bookshelf space for you and everything!

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