and, now it's March

Hi all, been a while, yeah, yeah, I know. Been fighting a cold for more than a week; maybe instead I should say it's been fighting me, because that's what it feels like. Work has been slow but given the things going on w/ MFM, it's probably better that way. I do have a call with a long-term client today and am hoping that will result in some revenue generation.

I feel stuck in a bit of a stasis here… I'm not writing, not really working, just raising kids and doing a shitload of laundry.

Monstro and I had our seventh wedding anniversary yesterday and it was fantastic. They celebrated us at church and we got to cut an anniversary cake during coffee hour — even fed little bits of it to each other. Seeing as none of our New England friends were at our wedding, I brought our framed wedding invitation and some of the wedding photos, which were oohed and aahed over, as well they should've been. We'd said we weren't going to exchange gifts — he got a plane ticket for his birthday that about broke my bank, and his Valentine's gift to me of a lovely pendant was over-and-above expectations — but then Lex and I checked out a little antique fair and I ended up purchasing a “Pinkerton Security Services” badge. Monstro's been teaching one class about strikers/strikebreakers and I knew he'd love it. He did. Best five bucks I've spent in a while. Then we went out for the evening — first to a local brown-paper-wrapper store (where I opted not to accept the incoming call from a marketing client), and then to our favorite restaurant, Bistro Les Gras. If you live in Western Massachusetts and haven't been to this place yet, well, GO. Better yet, go on Tuesday when flights of wine are five bucks. We gorged on charcuterie, cheese, bouef, canard, creme brulee and maple crepes with vanilla-cognac ice cream. The Gruet sparkling wine and live classical guitar were truly icing on the cake. Mmmmmm. LOVE this place.

We got home early and had a great remainder of the evening at home. Our sitter was happy to inform us that while we'd been away, Lex read an entire page of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by himself. So, that's excellent.

MFM had her “home assessment” today and it went well. I'd imagine she'll be back home within a week or so. We'll receive VNA services and I'm also going to put some private-pay care into place, so we don't have to be on top of each other all the time.

In other words, so far, so good. Let's hope March continues to go out like a lamb; it did snow this morning, but it didn't stick, and most of our snow has melted away. Hooray!

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