Happy Pi Day!

It's 3/14, aka Pi Day (and, interestingly enough, Albert Einstein's birthday). In honor, here's a mnemonic that will help you memorize pi to 167 digits; count the number of letters in each word for the order of digits, and every time a sentence ends, that's a zero.

“How I need a drink, alcoholic of course, after the tough lectures involving quantum mechanics; but we did estimate some digits by making very bad, not accurate, but so greatly efficient tools! In quaintly valuable ways, a dedicated student — I, Volokh, Alexander — can determine beautiful and curious stuff, O! Smart, gorgeous me! Descartes himself knew wonderful ways that could ascertain it too! Revered, glorious — a wicked dude! Behold an unending number: pi! Thinkers' ceaseless agonizing produces little, if anything! For this constant, it stops not — just as e, I suppose. Vainly, ancient geometers computed it — a task undoable. Legendre, Adrien Marie: 'I say pi rational is not!' Adrien proved this theorem. Therefore, all doubters have made errors. (Everybody that's Greek.) Today, counting is as bad a problem as years ago, maybe centuries even. Moreover, I do consider that variable x, y, z, wouldn't much avail. Is constant like i? No, buffoon!”

Hat Tip: Alexander Volokh and Volokh.com

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