hello my darlings

Things around Casa de Motormouth are settling down to bearable chaos. Still getting up w/ MFM in the night but last night I was actually able to return to sleep: victory! The home-care agency has been very helpful and it's been great to rely on them 10 hours/week to watch out for mom while also doing her laundry / cleaning. Such a blessing.

The children are getting a little wild and I'm chalking that up to too much TV — really, if winter would ever end, I would be thrilled to frickin' death. Even when it's sunny the wind bites right through you.

I applied for a part-time job a few weeks ago and though I haven't heard about an interview yet, I have insider information that states it takes a long time for them to get to the interview process, so in the meanwhile I'm chugging away on client work and keeping the house clean and the family fed and the cats, well, cats.

I'm nearly done with our 2010 taxes and that's a huge load off my mind. Not quite ready to hit the submit button, but I'll get there soon.

And, tonight, a friend is coming in to MFM-sit and I'm going out to a lovely salon to get my hair cut for the first time since I had my portrait taken in December. Can't wait to feel like a woman again.

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  1. When I sat in the chair at the salon and looked at myself in the mirror, I was this close to bursting into tears. Fortunately, the stylist made it all better. God bless her.

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